Tuesday, January 27, 2015


A writer friend has a book publishing contract and I will admit to being a little jealous.

I shouldn't be after all the work she's put in writing to publishers and agents compared to how little I've done, but there is a twinge of jealousy there. What it highlights is proof of the old adage: 'What do you call a writer who's persistent? Published.'

She had a go at self publishing a couple of years ago and it didn't work out, but that didn't stop a publisher picking it up and agreeing to release it. At the moment she's started the major editing after feedback from the editor and I will be helping her as an extra pair of eyes and half a brain. (I'm a man we only have half a brain)

It's a crime thriller whose main character is an author of horror fiction. He's about 50, tall, dark handsome and the kind of man that younger women look at and think phwaaarrrr. If he were real, my friend would love to grapple with him, which probably explains why she's spent so much time writing about him...and dreaming about him.

The book's due to be released later this year and you'll get a few updates from me along the way. When the title's been decided upon, when the cover art is released etc. I may even host a blog hijack or two for her in the autumn.

Keep 'em peeled.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Fun And Then Some

You get two blogs for the price of one today. Not only do you get Friday Fun, but I'm also guesting over at Milo James Fowlers' blog, where I write about acting and writing dialogue. Have a peek over there first, laugh at my wit, my humour and my long blond wig, then come back for another eyeful fun.


Another Friday, another weekend coming up, another weekend of work for me. Well, I say work, but I know that half the time I'll be listening to music or radio comedy.

Kids are cute especially when they're photographed with a sense of humour, but sometimes the toys they're given to play with are just so wrong.

The human body is an amazing thing and there are some facts about it that will leave your mouth wide open. Best not to leave it too far open though, in case someone breaks wind. And I bet you never knew these interesting facts about your farts.

Finally, when getting vanity plates for a vehicle, some people have a superb sense of humour.


And on that smokin' hot note, I bid you adieu and hope you have a great weekend.